Open Screen Limited is now accepting submissions for its "Archisketch Drawing Contest", with more than $2,500 in prize monies to be won. The competition is free to enter and it’s open to all existing and potential users of Archisketch. The competition aims to demonstrate the wide variety of work that can be produced using Archisketch on the iPad.

About Archisketch

Archisketch is a scale-aware sketching program that’s ideal for architects, interior and landscape designers, product designers, design students, or anyone who does design work on an iPad.

Archisketch updates the traditional technique of sketching on a tracing pad and transfers it to sketching on an iPad. The app allows architects and designers to visualize, capture and explore their ideas using layers, symbols, colours, dimension guidelines, 2D grids, isometric and axonometric 3D grids, and even smart one- and two-point 3D perspective. When finished, drawings (up to A1 in size) can be printed to scale directly from the iPad, or exported to PDF, which can be included in a CAD application, or uploaded to Adobe Creative Cloud.

To learn more about Archisketch please visit our website or watch our introduction video.

How to Enter

If you are not an Archisketch user, you can still participate in the competition by becoming a beta tester. This not only gives you full access to Archisketch and allows you to submit to the "Archisketch Drawing Contest", but it also lets you use the application’s upcoming drawing features in your submissions. To register as a beta tester, please complete the form below, but remember, Archisketch is only available for the iPad.


All entries must be submitted directly from within the Archisketch app as follows:

  • Go to the Share Screen of your drawing.
  • Set the paper size to A4.
  • In the Share menu, select "Submit Drawing to Archisketch Drawing Contest".
  • Complete the information in the dialogue box that opens. Your details are saved to the device for subsequent submissions.
  • Press "Submit".
Registration screen

Once the work has been submitted and Open Screen Limited has assessed that the entry does not break any of the competition rules as defined above, it becomes valid, and is made available to the judges for their assessment.


The judges and the judging process

Reza Farhad - Founder of Open Screen Limited and the main developer of Archisketch.
Pierre Baillargeon - Cofounder of Mixity Design Ltd: Architecture, Master Planning & Interior Design
Kevin Akey - Principle at AZD Associates . Architects
Ahmad Sardar - Founder Sardar Design Studio
Sophie Amini - Artistic director at
Other Judges to be announced

The judges independently select their winning entries, which are then amalgamated into the final result. In the event of any discrepancies, Open Screen Limited reserves the right to make the final decision, which is not open to dispute or question and is binding.


The following prizes will be awarded:
1 x 1st place $1000
2 x 2nd place $500 each
3 x 3rd place $150 each
5 x Special mention $20 each

Winning entrants will be contacted by email and the prizes will be transferred to the PayPal accounts associated with their emails.

Time Line

Further Information

For any questions or additional information, please contact us by email

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